Philip Kingsley

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Explore the world of Trichology, the science of hair and scalp care, with Philip Kingsley, a trailblazer in the haircare industry. With a profound understanding of hair's emotional significance, his innovative haircare products are firmly rooted in Trichology, providing advanced solutions for various hair and scalp issues. Whether you want vibrant locks or healthier hair, we have the perfect products and routines for you.

Philip Kingsley's pioneering work revolutionised the industry, from coining the term 'bad hair day' to creating the first pre-shampoo conditioner. His expertise in blending science and beauty earned him numerous accolades, such as the Hair Guru by The New York Times and the Hair Doctor by the Sunday Times.

At RY, we're excited to offer Philip Kingsley's comprehensive product range, catering to different hair types, scalp concerns, and styling challenges. From dandruff to color preservation, we have solutions for your haircare journey.

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