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Biologi is an Australian skincare brand committed to providing consumers with clean, sustainable, and amazingly effective products. Having spent 12 years researching the complexities of cellular health, the company uses a trademarked extraction method for creating products full of skin-loving phytonutrients. In fact, active Biologi products are amongst the first in the world to be free from fragrances and synthetic activating agents.

Biologi serums are quickly gaining cult status thanks to their efficacy and scientifically-backed results. The company has painstakingly learnt what the skin’s cells need to thrive, coming up with an amazing array of plant-based products to treat the body, face, and eyes. Whether you’re hoping to turn back the clock, improve your skin’s glow, reduce redness, battle pigmentation, or simply boost your skin’s hydration levels, there’s a Biologi product out there for you.

It is also worth noting that Biologi takes extra care when it comes to sourcing ingredients. They assume full responsibility every step of the way, from selecting the plants to bottling the serums. This ensures that only the highest-quality ingredients are used in every batch of Biologi products and that they are ethically produced. Biologi works closely with local farmers, avoiding exploitative practices and never testing on animals. 
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