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SkinCeuticals has developed a full menu of super-antioxidant formulas for all skin types designed to provide the most advanced protection from environmental ageing.

Skincare research shows that ageing skin is the result of more than just years on the calendar. Exposure to environmental elements such as sunlight, smoke and air pollution causes photo ageing in the skin. When used together, antioxidants and sunscreens provide almost complete photo protection preventing photo ageing, preventing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and promoting good skin health.

SkinCeuticals Hero product is C E Ferulic. It is a revolutionary topical antioxidant combination that provides unprecedented 8 times the skins natural photo aging protection. Culminating more than 10 years research and testing, this latest antioxidant breakthrough contains the original potent formulation of 10% pure Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid) and 1% Pure Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol). However the addition of Ferulic Acid a plant based antioxidant has transformed the formula, doubling the performance of the already powerful combination. This synergistic formulation provides unmatched protection against UV induced Erythema, free radical formation and cellular damage that results in premature aging. Daily application of this cutting-edge serum, along with the use of a broad-spectrum sunblock, offers ultimate protection from UV light and associated skin damage. This Vitamin C serum is for use of normal to dry skin, as the Vitamin E is highly nourishing.

The Vitamin C Serum for the normal to combination skin types is SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF. Phloretin is derived from the bark of fruit trees such as grapefruit, it is a broad spectrum molecule newly identified for its antioxidant properties and recently studied for use as pigment-regulating and penetration-enhancing agent in the medical community.  Phloretin CF represents a new class of preventive and corrective topical antioxidant treatments. This patent-pending breakthrough technology combines the power of Phloretin and Vitamin C with Ferulic acid in a formulation that divides and conquers sources of damage at every level of the skin. The result is a strengthened support structure on the inside and a more youthful, firm, radiant appearance on the outside.

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