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Soft Color

Goldwell Soft Color is a semi-permanent colour foam base on direct dyes producing intensive, vibrant results. Soft Color can quickly and comfortably be applied with a variety of application techniques. This product is ideal for effectively refreshing colour in between salon visits, experimenting with new shades, and covering minimal grey hairs. Goldwell Soft Color has a pH of 6.8, and reaches up to 80% of its total colour intensity after only 5 Minutes. Results last for up to 6-8 shampoos and offer brilliant and vibrant colour results. There are 20 Soft Colour shades available and it is fantastic for both Salon and Home use with quick and easy application with a brush or comb without dripping or skin stain. Goldwell Soft Color is Non-alkaline, with no ammonia and containing Panthenol, which provides volume and elasticity.

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