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Goldwell Color Glow is a total colour care system that maintains the shine and intensity of colour treated hair, and also gives colour reflections to non-colour treated hair. Available in five shades to intensify all hair colours across red, brown, copper, platinum blonde and golden blonde tones.Never before was a color care system more in tune with the specific needs of the professional colorist. Colorglow [IQ] offers specific color care to prolong the beauty of your color salon creation.

The Colour Protect complex has three times the protection for maximum colour retention. Conditioning nano-molecules penetrate deep inside the hair to anchor color pigments from within. Natural grape seed oil concentrate and nourishing oils form a protective layer around each individual hair, resulting in a smooth cuticle. Coenzyme Q10 and a UV-filter prevent damage caused by free radicals and sun exposure, which attacks the lipid structure of the hair making it look dull. The result is perfectly conditioned hair and longer lasting color with brilliance.

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