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Dermalogica provides several multi-purpose masques to treat your skin. Let your masque do the work so you can go on about your day with beautiful skin. The Skin Hydrating Masque also performs double duty. The refreshing gel masque is made for all skin conditions and also helps target dry areas including the eye area and lips. Use three times a week to calm and soothe dehydrated skin. If you want a cooling effect, try putting the masque in the fridge for five minutes, then apply for a cool treat. Great for hot, humid days or when you want to wake up and feel refreshed. Dermalogica was created in response to today's demand for highly active products that work in a simple and effective manner.

Dermalogica is famed for its gentle non-irritating formulas free from mineral oils, colourings, lanolin and formaldehyde. When Dermalogica meets skin, skin health is redefined. Dermalogica is the number one choice of skin care professionals and consumers worldwide. Dermalogica products are manufactured in the USA, Dermalogica has never taken part in animal testing and Dermalogica is sold only where professional consultation and professional treatments are performed by professional skin therapists.In just over 20 years, Dermalogica has become the number one choice of skin care professionals worldwide, prescribed more often than any other product available. Choose one of the many Dermalogica Masques today from Ry and see for yourself why people around the world turn to Dermalogica for skin health.

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