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There’s a battle going on with your skin and you may not even realise it… yet. It’s the battle between free radicals generated through exposure to the sun and pollution, both of which cause irreversible damage. That is, unless you AGE Smart®.Dermalogica’s innovative approach to skin care health, wages a pre-emptive strike on ageing with its revolutionary product line, AGE Smart®. By using scientifically advanced ingredients such as soy proteins, glucosamine and peptides found in nature, Dermalogica AGE Smart® fights dangerous free radicals before any signs of visible ageing appear.

Dermalogica’s AGE Smart® was created for all skin types, regardless of your age. If the signs of premature ageing have already created fine lines and wrinkles, AGE Smart® goes to work to reverse those imperfections, creating the most radiant, smooth, healthy skin you’ve ever experienced. You can buy the Dermalogica AGE Smart® line or any Dermalogica products at Ry with confidence, knowing that our prices and customer service are simply unbeatable. Now that’s Smart! It’s never too early to start Ageing Smart. AGE Smart®. The smart way to grow old, gracefully

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